Wellness Programs & Disease Management

“Wellness Programs.” Big buzzwords in the self-funded industry. But what is a wellness program and how does it impact your plan?

The concept of Wellness Programs is to involve healthcare consumers (i.e. plan participants) in their own health management. Wellness Programs are intended to give participants incentive and encouragement to live healthy lifestyles, which in turn results in lower healthcare costs. NAA has established itself as a leader in innovative incentive-based health plans that reward employees with lower deductibles for taking charge of their health risks.

Our Maternity Management program assures that optimum health is maintained for prospective mothers and babies. Disease management helps participants identify, become educated about, and regularly monitor potentially dangerous chronic illnesses.

NAA can help design and implement wellness strategies that are unique and pertinent to the demographics of your organization. From simply encouraging participants to get annual physicals and routine tests to elaborate Wellness Incentive Programs and Disease Management Programs, together we can determine the most effective way to get participants involved in their own health management.