Consultative Services

At NAA, our approach to serving you is refreshingly complete. Working closely with you, your account executive will customize the perfect balance of competitive benefits to match your targeted budget. We base our entire service philosophy on the fact that “one size does NOT fit all.”

Strategic Planning

We assist you in evaluating and updating the strategic direction, objectives and philosophy of your entire benefit package.

Plan Design Analysis

The plan of benefits is critical to all we do. By design, it must meet the objectives and strategies as outlined above. Self-funding provides the flexibility to create a plan that is unique to the needs and desires of your organization. Our expertise in the area of plan design can provide the guidance necessary to create a comprehensive and affordable health plan.

Contribution Strategy & Design

In concert with the actual plan of benefits, a logical and well-structured contribution strategy is critical to long-term cost management.

Predictive Modeling

We have unique software programs that allow us to look into the future! More specifically, we can, with great accuracy, show you how proposed plan design changes will impact your future healthcare costs.

Normative Data Comparisons

NAA has access to national normative values through the Mercer/Foster Higgins National Survey of Employer-Sponsored Health Plans. This allows us to analyze your actual plan results when compared to health plans of similar make-up and geographic location.

Managed Care Analysis & Consultation

Our managed care team assists clients in the selection of optimal Preferred Provider Network(s) by analyzing fee schedules, patient access, provider locations and quality of care. NAA is able to reprice most PPO claims within our own claims management system, allowing for quicker and more efficient claims turnaround. Additionally, we offer Provider Relations Services to both employers and employees as necessary.